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The Wealth Management Process

How It Works

The Wealth Management Process is an opportunity for you to experience working with our team, gain insight into where you currently stand financially—and decide if you’d like to work with us on a long-term basis.

The Wealth Management Process

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Advanced Planning

The first element is ensuring you have a coordinated plan in place to achieve your various objectives. Below are the typical components:

  • Financial Optimization - We conduct a thorough review of your day-to-day financial operations and identify opportunities for improvement or greater efficiency.
  • Asset Protection - We review your insurance coverages and legal structures to help prevent your assets being unjustly taken from you.
  • Equity Compensation - Where applicable, we review and make recommendations on your stock options, RSUs, ESPP and other company stock ownership plans.
  • Wealth Transfer - We work with your legal team to ensure your estate planning strategies and documents are consistent with your goals and needs. 
  • Charitable Giving - We evaluate strategies and techniques to magnify your impact on the causes you care about.

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